#01: 15 Marketing and Advertising Trends 2015

Check out the top 15 marketing and advertising trends we’re loving right now. Author: HubSpot.

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Check out the top 15 marketing & advertising trends we are LOVING right now.
3. Content Collaboration1
4. Giving the customer the ability to contribute to content creation by delegating some of the brand-building responsibilities.
6. Want more options to share their opinions about brands. 64% of Millennials 53% of Baby Boomers
7. 4,000 customers submitted entries in a 3-week span. The Starbucks White Cup Contest: winner gets the template for the new Starbucks cup.
8. Collaborative Economy2
9. Allows people to create their own physical goods as well as share their existing physical goods
10. Who is part of the Collaborative Economy?
11. •  Airbnb •  Uber •  Lyft •  Kickstarter •  Indiegogo •  Etsy
12. Brands are embracing this Collaborative Economy and partnering with other brands.
13. Comcast & Airbnb Comcast created 3 unique Xfinity “Watchathon Week Aribnb properties.” 3 families were selected to spend an entire week in the Airbnb properties. Interiors matched Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and The Wire.
14. Using Mobile Messaging Apps3
16. Using WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat and other messaging apps to build your brand WHY?
17. Texting is down 18.4% from last year. But mobile internet usage increased 52%.
18. Social messaging apps have changed the way we communicate with people through mobile phones.
20. Data Visualization4
21. A picture is worth 1,000 words
23. Data is powerful if you can actually understand what it is telling you. Data visualization gives you a powerful way to communicate information.
24. Marion Luttenberger
25. Interactive Media5
27. For many agencies, traditional print ads are crucial to their business. Brands have found new ways to merge the digital and physical through interactive media in print ads.
28. Speed Test by Sonera
29. Cinemagraphs6
31. It’s like a GIF … but better
32. A Cinemagraph is … an image that mixes a high quality photograph with video. Few elements are moving where the rest are static.
33. Ann Street Studio
34. Magic Realism7
36. Magic Leap
37. Hand Drawn Illustrations8
38. With the world constantly changing, minimalism is in. Hand-drawn art is getting integrated into new projects.
39. Boompa
41. In 2014, there were a lot of large high-quality images, but there is no longer a limitation to static images. With faster internet speeds and HTML5, websites can now integrate video without harming load time.
42. The Q Camera
43. Extreme Content Marketing10
44. What is Extreme Content Marketing?
45. Association with extreme sports and risk-takers. A brand full of energy, excitement, and the idea that anything is possible.
46. interactions on Facebook shares on Facebook in sales to $1.6 billion 900,000 83,000 7% increase The RedBull & Stratos Jump …
47. Humanized Brands11
48. Being a “Human Era Brand” means having an authentic story delivered consistently through an inspiring experience.
49. •  Personal •  Conversational •  Empathetic •  Inspirational •  Problem Solvers Human Era Brands are … •  Humorous •  Prone to Mistakes •  Authentic •  Transparent •  Storytellers
50. Like Southwest Airlines …
51. Social Selling12
52. of B2B buyers use social media to research purchase decisions. Of salespeople who use social media outsell their peers. 72% 79%
53. Ask a Question That Starts a Conversation
54. Emojis13
55. billion smartphone users worldwide billion messages sent per day billion emoticons sent per day 2.0 41.5 6.0
56. Mentos Created Ementicons
57. Coca Cola Used Them on Billboards
58. Using Instagram Celebrities14
59. Brands are paying Instagram Celebrities with large followings to promote their product if they are a match to their consumer profile.
60. Like Patrick Janelle posting about Bloomingdales
61. Or Cara Loren promoting Lord and Taylor
62. Comic Relief15
63. Having some non- promotional material that shows a little personality has proven to make more people trust your brand.
64. Funny 404 Messages
65. Or just some good ol’ pranking …
66. Happy Trending!