3 Proven Strategies from My Book: Facebook Ads Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce 2020 Edition

In this episode of The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show, you’ll discover:

✅ Targeting fans on your fan page to get small sales on special offers.

✅ How to use KPIs to decide whether an ad campaign is worth scaling.

✅ The EED (Educate, Entertain, and Differentiate) Formula to create successful video ads.

✅ Finding the “hook” that people care about to help pique their interest and including that in your paid ads.

✅ The power of Facebook lead generation tools to help you build your email marketing list and increase sales.

✅ How little things like using Facebook ads for giveaways of high perceived value items can be leveraged to help you improve your marketing list.

✅ Why focusing on requiring leads allows you to lower your cost per customer when you do make a sale.

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