Advertising trends in the Russian market | International PPC

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Evgeny Lomize, head of advertising at Yandex, takes us through current advertising trends in the Russian market. Having been in charge of developing Yandex advertising technologies for almost two decades, Evgeny is a thought leader in his industry. We discuss trends in advertising such as video and the latest developments such as audience targeting and segmentation. Additionally, he gives us insights into how different Yandex products can be utilised to create effective campaigns.

This in-depth interview with Evgeny Lomize from Yandex provides a unique insight into Russian advertising trends from Russia’s leading search engine, essential viewing for any international PPC specialist.

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(00:24) What are the latest developments in the Russian advertising landscape? Have there been any significant changes in user behaviour in search?

(01:18) How can advertisers target Russians who are searching for video content online?

(02:38) How can advertisers identify and find their audience online?

(04:32) How can advertisers find audience segments? How can advertisers assess which part of their audience is converting or doing whatever they want them to do on their website? Which Yandex products allow advertisers to do that?

(05:52) Just to clarify, are these Yandex technologies only available in Russia or also in other markets where Yandex has a presence?

(06:16) Yandex can now link offline conversions with online data. How does that work?

(08:05) Regarding hyper-local targeting, where is this available?

(09:17) What is Yandex.Audience?

(09:45) What is DMP?

(09:58) Do many international advertisers use Yandex’s advertising options?

(10:32) Recently, there have been improvements made to the Look-alike option in Yandex.Audience. Can you tell us a bit more about the Look-alike option and the improvements that have been made?

(12:58) What is your biggest tip for Yandex.Direct advertisers?

(15:01) Do you know roughly when graphical banner ads in search will become available on a cost-per-click basis?

(17:32) What is the next big focus for Yandex?