Auto Industry, WW3, USA, Dollar, Digital Advertising TRENDS ***

Auto Industry, WW3, USA, U.S Dollar, Digital Advertising. This video is about global news surrounding the above areas and industries as the world faces clear trade and GDP uncertainty what will you do? I have never known political and economic indicators of the world to be so UNSTABLE.

It is as if politicians and politics of the modern, digital, social, technological and political world are suffering from subscription drugs or alcohol abuse. I am sure I am not the only one thinking how can certain bankrupt, mafia style, tax evasion, low IQ, beer drinking, fast-food lovers, be in charge of leading governments, trade, military, immigration, foreign and legal policy decisions in the 21st Century.

As you can see most cannot even read or spell confidently. Its like the TRIO of leading western economic governments are beer, fast-food, facism drunk or ignorant they cannot see they are breaking up industries, corporations, countries, trade, families, communities, employment opportunities, GDP, innovation and economic stability local, national and global.

Watch video share, like SUBSCRIBE and comment. What do you think of whats happening in your country, region and the world.. How will you plan to survive long-term?

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