Digital Advertising Trends In 2019

Here is what you need to know before you put your ad money online. Amitabh Verma, Founder, AMP Digital and Ex- Google, where he headed the Global SMB and Strategic Business in India, in conversation with Jyotirmay Kanthal, Co-founder, is telling you exactly how you can get maximum RoI on your marketing spends and how professionals can stay ahead in the digital advertising space in 2019.

Questions for Amitabh:
1. Facebook, Google or newer media like TikTok/ Snapchat which is the best place to put your ad money online?
2. In your opinion, where should a company put marketing budget for branding vs for transactions or conversions?
3. How has emergence of video affected the online ad space?
4. 3 new trends in google advertising that every advertiser should know about
5. How important is certification when hiring a digital marketer?
6. Can you give us examples of few certifications that will help digital marketers?
7. A JAM (Just a minute challenge – The answer to this question has to be within a minute). The question is – 5 things everyone starting a career in digital advertising in 2019 should know about.

Concept and Direction: Rimjhim Ray
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