The connected home and the future of advertising: IAB Engage 2018

With the advent of the Smart Home, Data is doubling every 2 years, Voice shopping will raise from $ 2Billion in 2018 to $40B by 2022 and by 2020, there will be 200B devices in the IOT. These factors are going to transform and disrupt Marketing.

Advertising was once one-way storytelling, which we observed. With recent Tech Trends – AI, Voice, Lens and AR – its become two-way story-sharing and immersive.

Mobile advertising is now 10 years old. We’re in the BlackBerry year of Voice, AI and the connected home. That explosion which took 10 years in Mobile is going to take just 3 years on these new platforms.

Unruly Futurist, Simon Gosling, shares an insightful presentation, advising brands and agencies on the risks and opportunities presented by these new tech platforms. In an era of Fake News, he looks at the importance of Trust and how the application of emotion intelligence, to content creation and distribution, can help brands not just survive, but thrive in this next wave of Marketing – The Ambient Era.

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