Trends in Mobile Advertising | Data Analysis | Big Data #1 | #MoComoments

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Amazon RedShift? Google BigQuery? What is the next big trend in marketing and advertising?

Matthaus Krzykowski from Tenjin, a San Francisco based marketing firm, joins us to talk BIG DATA and current to future trends in mobile marketing.

Marketing will shift to become more data centric in the next five years. Due to the dynamic shift, it will be crucial for every marketer to jump on the data science world now and begin to understand how data works and how it plays a role in mobile marketing.

He goes on to dive deep on how initiations such as the Amazon RedShift and Google BigQuery are data focused and how mobile apps such as Facebook could still remain a big player in the near future despite the new inventions.

What is your take on big data and future trends? Will Facebook still be a big player?

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