View in 2: YouTube Creators Doing Good | YouTube Advertisers

View in 2 is intended to help you get smarter about YouTube in just 2 minutes. Each video will highlight a current trend or format on our platform, broken down with insights and ideas on how brands can take advantage.

Join the “DoTube” Generation – Want to learn more about charitable giving and cause-marketing on YouTube? In this episode, we’ll dive into purpose-driven content and why it works on the platform.

Resources and Links:
– Overview of Donation Cards:
– Connor Franta The Thirst Project:
– Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog:
– CNBC Millennials are more generous than you think:
– AdWeek Cause-Related Marketing and the Millennial Mindset:
– NYT Connections to a Cause: The Millennial Way of Charity:
– Donate the Bars:

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Created by: Jessica Hurley
Co-Written by: Stephanie Wendelin