Webinar: Important trends in ad strategies and how to benefit from them

In mobile gaming, the relationship between developers/publishers, players and in-game advertising has been changing drastically for some time now.

Once a year, we invite all of our clients to participate in an ad survey of roughly 25 questions and then analyze the responses. Completely unbiased, the deltaDNA survey covers publishers of all sizes with an overall average of 50,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) while 20% of respondents posted 10x that number.

Join our Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Insight, Dr. Isaac Roseboom, as he highlights the most important trends in ad strategies and explains how to benefit from them.

This webinar is targeted at developers looking to optimize their ad strategy and strike the right balance with monetization through In-App Purchases (IAPs).

Some areas set to be covered include:

– What ad formats are a) most common and b) most effective?
– What ad frequency best suits the player?
– What proportion of game revenue typically comes from ads?
– How many ad networks do/should publishers use?
– How are attitudes towards in-game ads changing?