Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies For E-Commerce – 2019 Edition OUT NOW!

Learn from the Best to Win Big with FB Ads!

“This is one of those books that should come with its own highlighter. Fantastic read, beginning to end.”
-Dr. Greg Reid, author: Think and Grow Rich series.

“Delivers! If you have an e-commerce business you will find several new profit-making ideas in this book that cut years off your learning curve. Josh has assembled the bleeding edge of digital experts to make the powerful concepts in this book available in one concise book. Consider this a ‘must read’.”
-James Schramko Author of best seller ‘Work Less, Make More”, Founder of SuperFastBusiness and SilverCircle.

“Josh Marsden has put together the definitive guide on Facebook advertising for e-commerce businesses. In an ever-changing digital world, it is important to get and keep any competitive advantage you can. Josh’s book is a must-have for anyone wanting better results.”
-Justin Christianson, Co-Founder & President | Conversion Fanatics

With rising costs of Facebook Advertising and concerns skyrocketing, many e-Commerce company owners are finding themselves worried.

However, amidst these concerns, many e-Commerce company owners are actually seeing results increasing from Facebook Advertising!


Through millions of dollars of testing.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend millions.

This book represents millions of dollars in testing in 2018 alone from 13 of the best E-Commerce-focused Facebook Advertisers in the world.
•Molly Pittman
•J. Trevor Chapman
•Jeremy Howie
•Mike Pisciotta
•Jeremy Wainwright
•David Schloss
•Amanda Bond
•Sam Bell
•Mari Connor
•Enrico Lugnan
•Rory Stern
•Janak Mehta
•Josh Marsden

Basically, in this book, you’ll be able to learn what’s working now WITHOUT spending millions of dollars.

You’ll uncover what strategies are tested and proven from each contributor so you can use the same strategies that are generating massive results for E-Commerce companies!

Last but not least, you’ll get expert advice on what your business has to do to adapt to the current trends so you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to using Facebook Ads in your E-Commerce business.

If you want…
•Lower Customer Acquisition Cost
•Higher CTRs on your Ad Creatives
•More Sales from your Ad Campaigns
•Maximum returns on your Facebook Advertising dollars

And you run an E-Commerce company.

Then, this book is FOR YOU.

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