Klaz Experience: Commercial Agent Pamela Wise on Branding & Trends In Advertising

Commercial agent Pamela Wise discusses how her background in branding helps her actors find their niche.


Kaz shot over 1200 auditions for actors last year alone. Her clients have booked series regular, recurring and co-star roles on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, ABC, CBS, FOX, and many other networks.

Her signature Klaz Technique helps actors have a process in auditions so they don’t go from audition to audition guessing and hoping for a stroke of luck. Klaz technique creates a simple pathway for actors to be authentic and create strong choices that serve storytelling. Klaz is a technique, so you can trust you can do it over and over again in auditions and self tapes. Kaz’s personal commercial booking rate is 26%.

Simply put, Line Runner Tapes helps bookings come easily.