Native Advertising Trends: How Will We Advertise in 2020?

SNative advertising is advertising that takes the natural form and function of whichever channel it operates – it means your fits right into wherever it’s being displayed.

That’s what makes native advertising a bit more bearable to your audiences – it doesn’t particularly disturb your experience. So you need to know the mechanics and idiosyncrasies of all of the platforms because knowing where your customers are is just not enough.


0:00 Start
0.30 What is Native Advertising?
0.45 What are in-feed ads?
1:20 Benefits of using native advertising
1:31 Native Advertising Tools
1:49 promoted listings in search
2:18 Investing in native advertising
2:41 Why should you use native advertising in your marketing strategy

Watch this video to find what native advertising formats exist and how to use them more effectively.

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