Top 2021 eCommerce Marketing Trends Every Shopify Store Owner Should Know

Did you know that last year (mostly thanks to Covid) US ecommerce sales revenue enjoyed 10 YEARS OF GROWTH IN JUST 90 DAYS?🔥👀

Yep, there has never been a better time to build, grow and scale your online store.

WARNING. With the new year comes new opportunities

…and new threats.

Today the eCom Hackers are breaking down the top trends EVERY store owner needs to know about in 2021.

We will cover:

✔️How the new ios14 on apple products will force store owners to evolve their advertising

✔️1 little known yet red hot NEW marketing channel savvy owners can jump on early

✔️Why big brands shifting their advertising from TV to digital will make it harder for small store (and what you need to be doing about it RIGHT NOW)

…and more.

Check it out while it’s fresh on your mind 👇🏾